Forgive Me - My writing

I wish I could expose you
But it just isn’t in me
I don’t hold that hate in my heart
To make someone look like a fool
Over the past
Over now
Over things I forgave long ago
You know more people than I do
But I don’t hold that against you
It’s just me against a wall
I’m still climbing and trying to break
Not many people know me
I keep to myself a lot of the time
Reflecting on my battles
Still cleaning the mess I made
Don’t hold it against me
For letting the wrong people go
They used my failures against me
Only to remind me of being down
You can drag my name in the dirt
But I admit my wrongs, I fucked up
After the rumors spread about me
I’m in my own head
I don’t need to put you down
That’s not in me to do
All I ask is for forgiveness
Between me and you
-Yolanda Wastell